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What's My Home Worth?

Get a Home Valuation Report

If you are serious about selling your home or want to get a better idea of the true value of a property that you are considering purchasing, you’ll want to have one of our real estate agents prepare a custom Home Valuation Report for you (sometimes known as a competitive market analysis) for you about the property.

This report provides you with an accurate estimate of the potential sales price your real estate could sell for when properly reviewed  and considered for a sales transaction.

Now – you might be asking… what does “properly reviewed and considered for a sales transaction” mean? At Blue Sun Realty, we consider this to be a real estate property that is valued based on a combination of factors that determine the “likely” price the home could sell for. Some of the these factors might include:

  • Comparable property sales within the area over the last 6-12 months
  • Consideration of the quality, age and make-up of the property when compared to others available
  • Local and global market conditions that may impact the appraisal value of the real estate
  • Adjustments needed for special features, additions and improvements that may be available with the home
  • The impact that different types of loan programs and offers might have on the overall valuation
  • Potential return on investment (ROI) that may be realized if the property is used as an investment

The goal of our providing our Home Valuation Report is to provided you with a more accurate estimate of what your piece of real estate might be able to sell for when considering multiple factors that affect its value.

This is a very different approach than using an estimate from sites like Zillow® (Zestimate®) or Trulia®, which use  proprietary methods of valuing real estate by comparing it to millions of other properties across the nation – and, particularly with a Zillow Zestimate®, are often known to be inaccurate.

If you are interested in obtaining a Home Valuation Report and Competitive Market Analysis for your property, please click the button below and we’ll prepare your custom report free of charge.

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