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Finding Your New Home

Searching for real estate properties on Zillow Tampa or the Tampa MLS websites is pretty simple. Enter a couple of criteria in the search bar, click a button and presto – a list of homes appears.

However – finding the right home and then buying… that’s a whole other ballgame. Whether you are a first time home buyer looking for something modern, a family looking to extra space or perhaps an empty nester looking to downsize and get something more manageable – the actual home-buying process can be quite daunting.

This why whether you’re family or friend, we always recommend using a professional real estate agent with experience to help you with the process…. even if it’s not a real estate agent or broker with Blue Sun Realty.

Some benefits of working with a real estate agent to help you purchase a home include:

  • It’s FREE for home buyers!: Most real estate brokers throughout Tampa provide their consulting services free of charge to their home purchasing clients. This is due to the fact that their commission is typically covered in the listing fees of other homes available and listed on the Tampa MLS. However, take note that not all real estate agents will work with a buyer – particularly if that buyer is interested in FSBO’s (for sale by owner homes) and/or new construction homes. At Blue Sun Realty, we provide home buyers with free services – regardless of the type of home they are interested in.
  • You may get access to more listings and properties: Given increasing security  restrictions to accessing homes for sale (think lock boxes and electronic keys), real estate agents are often better able to provide access to listings that are available on the MLS. In fact, many real estate listing will ONLY allow private viewings of a home if the buyer is also accompanied with a licensed real estate agent or broker.
  • You may meet vendors with better options: Good and experienced real estate professionals typically have access to a variety or professionals such as mortgage brokers, appraisers, inspectors, repair services and more that they have worked with. These connections could potentially save you thousands of dollars during the process of purchasing your home.
  • You may learn about opportunities & pitfalls: A real estate agent who knows their stuff will often be able to advise home buyers on any hidden issues or unrealized value that a property has. For instance our real estate team is well versed on things like, repair costs, zoning codes and regulations of utilities that could potential derail a deal or cost a buyer a lot of money after the sale.
  • You may get a better overall deal negotiated for you:  A truly skilled Realtor® will, more often than not, find an opportunity to negotiate one or more aspects of a real estate transaction for the benefit of the buyer.
  • You may get professional & outstanding real estate advice: If you work with a real estate agent who has completed at least 50 deals in the last 2-3 years, chances are that they are knowledgeable in the affairs of real estate, home financing, home repair and other aspects of the home buying process that come up. This should position you well to receive free advice on your property comparisons and purchase.
In addition to this list, there are many other tangible benefits that you can receive as a home buyer when working with a professional real estate company or Realtor® – particularly if they have experience in the market and geographic area of your target properties.

If you are interested in having one of the top rated real estate agents in the Tampa area help you search for, view, negotiate and find a home or property, then contact our real estate team directly or fill out the contact form below.

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