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At Blue Sun Realty, you get more than just a full-service property management company to manage your real estate investment. Our team also provides end-to-end property search, acquisition, remodeling, leasing and investment services – for both residential and commercial properties.

Similar to other property management companies in the Tampa area, we provide exceptional tenant placement and rental management services for property owners looking for a professional, hassle free agency to handle everything for them. However, unlike other property management agencies in Florida – Blue Sun Realty also employs licensed real estate agents and brokers on its team – in addition to property managers.

This allows us to provide a full compliment of rental investment services for people looking to start or expand their real estate portfolio’s. In other words – we’ll find the investment property for you, broker the sale, handle any repairs & build-out, locate a quality tenant and manage the property. If the value of the property appreciates to above a level you are looking to attain – we’ll then help you cash out and trade up by staging and selling the piece of real estate… and repeating the entire process with a new property.

Some benefits we provide to property owners include:

  • TURNKEY REAL ESTATE INVESTING: We do it all for you – from searching for the investment property to purchasing, renting, managing and reselling the property.
  • PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT: Our team of property managers & real estate brokers manages hundreds of homes throughout the Tampa Bay, Florida area. We’ve been in business over 10 years and maintain a 96% occupancy rating across the board on our rentals.
  • INVESTMENT ANALYSIS: As a standard service for every client, our real estate brokers consistently review the valuation of your property compared to others and will advise when you can maximize your profits and trading up or adding to your portfolio.
  • WE SUPPORT INTERNATIONAL: While some property & rental management companies will only support owners local to the Tampa, FL area, our company provides services to all home owners – regardless of their location. In fact, over 60% of our owners are located outside of Florida and 25% are based outside the US.
  • WE PROVIDE TOOLS,SUPPORT & ACCESS:  As a professional property management agency, we have invested in modern tools and technology to help our owners monitor their real estate investments that we manage for them. We’re also easy to get a hold of and provide a local office in our Plant City headquarters.

Why People Choose Us...

They Make More MONEY!

As rental owners ourselves, we understand that you’re in the real estate investment business to make money… both from rentals AND appreciation of your property.

That’s why our experts consistently monitor & evaluate your property against the real estate market so you know what to rent it for, what to improve and when to sell or trade-up.

Top Rated Property Management Company in Tampa

We KNOW our Stuff!

Our property managers are experts in the business of placing well-qualified and consistent tenants into rental properties.

We’re also up to speed on the latest rental management rules and best practices in addition to current real estate and property regulations. This helps us be proactive in ensuring your real estate is in compliance and maximizes your profits.

Our Team ROCKS!

We have managed thousands of rental transactions and have implemented a rock-solid property management program that our clients love and keep coming back to.

We’re smart, accessible, available on weekends and have the real estate know-how to get you double digit returns and help you grow your protfolio.